5 Ways To Use Chat GPT-3 in the classroom

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January 28, 2023

The dangers and opportunities inherent in using Chat GPT-3 in the classroom are being debated hotly in education departments the world over.

ChatGPT-3, the powerful AI-powered language model, is quickly becoming a game-changer in all walks of life – not least the education sector. When it comes to applications of Chat GPT-3 in the classroom, the jury is out on the potential impact the technology will have on our approach to teaching and on our students learning.

But impact it will. Even the earliest release of Chat GPT-3 (short for ‘generative pre-trained transformer) has shown it’s remarkable ability to write content, answer questions and solve problems at extraordinary speeds, using a tremendous haul of data and amassed knowledge to generate responses in real time, and in uncannily human terms.

It is understandable and sensible that teachers are concerned about the potential impact of the technology on their classrooms.

It’s also important to remember that ChatGPT-3 is just a tool, and like any other tool, its effectiveness will depend on how it is used. Implemented thoughtfully, ChatGPT-3 has the potential to help teachers create more engaging and effective lessons, and ultimately, help students to achieve better learning outcomes.

As with all technology in the classroom it will take time and real thought to ensure it contributes rather than distracts from learning. To help, we’ve pulled together some thoughts on how we think it can have a positive impact

5 ways to use Chat GPT-3 in the classroom

  1. Augmenting teacher admin work
    ChatGPT-3 and other AI tools can streamline the process of creating lesson plans, rubrics, curriculum mapping and much more. This can save teachers valuable time and energy, allowing them to focus on the more important aspects of teaching such as engaging with students and providing personalised support.
  2. Redefining assessment
    Many schools and institutions have been hesitant to adopt ChatGPT and other AI tools due to concerns around cheating. Some have completely banned its use. This is a failure to adapt to the changing times. Instead of viewing cheating as a problem with the students, we should view the desire to cheat as a problem with the system. By shifting the focus to student-centred learning and away from grades and results, we can create an environment where cheating is no longer necessary. If we redefine success to be around learning and not around performance, students will own their learning journey and be far more concerned about growing rather than some result.
  3. Enhancing student learning
    ChatGPT-3 and other AI tools can provide students with personalised learning experiences by providing them with customized content and activities based on their individual needs and learning styles. These technologies can help identify areas where students need extra support and provide them with targeted resources and feedback. This can help students learn more effectively and efficiently. 
  1. Making teaching more engaging
    ChatGPT and other AI tools can also help make teaching more engaging. Teachers can now easily create engaging and interactive lesson plans with bespoke activities, quizzes, and games that align with their curriculum standards. This can help to make lessons more dynamic and interactive, which can increase student engagement and motivation, opening the doors for students to more actively participate in the learning process. Engagement and motivation for learning will both increase.
  1. Teachers are Modelling authentic learning
    When teachers adapt to new technology, when they take risks, they’re modelling authentic learning to their students. ChatGPT can help also them to incorporate inquiry-based questions and prompts in their lessons, encouraging students to think critically and engage in self-directed learning.

Perhaps that final point shows the real power of Chat GPT-3 at this early point in it’s life, while we continue to work out it’s broader impact. By embracing the technology, and by showing students how to enquire and learn about it’s uses, teachers can really model the importance of a growth mindset in learning.

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