Host your own Number Hive tournament in 4 easy steps

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May 12, 2023

Create an Exciting Math Community: Host Thrilling Number Hive Tournaments for Engaged Young Mathematicians

Looking to enhance your students’ arithmetic skills and foster a love for math in your school? Look no further than Number Hive, a dynamic math tool designed by an experienced math teacher. Through years of use, it has successfully developed students’ mathematical fluency and deepened their understanding of numbers, leading to remarkable results.

As the popularity of Number Hive grows worldwide, so does the trend of organizing Number Hive class and school tournaments. Now, you can easily create the same exciting and captivating atmosphere in your own classroom with our downloadable tournament poster and straightforward instructions.

The best part? Your students will have a blast playing and won’t even realize how much they’re learning!

Here’s how you can utilize Number Hive to create an exhilarating tournament experience in your classroom:

  1. Download our tournament poster (here) or create your own to track the winners. You can use a spreadsheet if you prefer.
  2. Make sure all students know the rules of the game (click here for further information on how to play). Decide whether you will be playing a single match or best of three. We find a best of three really build up the class engagement, but if you’re short of time, a single match achieves the same. Or you can mix it up, and have single matches in the heats, and best of three in the semi finals and finals.
  3. Write each player’s name (students that opt into the tournament) on the outside line of the tournament poster. Students will then find their opponent and set up a game of Number Hive using the “play a friend” option or the offline paper version.
  4. The winning player progresses inwards to the next game and plays against another winner. The losing player can either support their champion, find another person who is no longer in the tournament to play against or practice against the AI bot.

The grand final

The grand final takes place when there are only two players left. You can make it extra special by having the final game played on the big screen. Once there is only one player left, they become the Number Hive class champion (until the next tournament of course!)

Our Top Tips:

  1. Amplify the fun by running the tournament on the big screen. Whether it’s regular games or just the finals, make each match an exciting experience for the entire class.
  2. Involve the whole school by encouraging class champions to compete against each other and determine the ultimate grand champion.

With Number Hive tournaments, you can create a vibrant community of enthusiastic young mathematicians, fostering healthy competition and a genuine passion for math. Get ready to witness your students’ mathematical skills soar while they have a blast along the way. Let the Number Hive tournaments begin!

New to Number Hive?

Number Hive is a great way to engage your students in learning and help them develop a deep understanding of arithmetic. By playing this game, students will learn important skills such as reasoning, strategic thinking, and problem-solving. Plus, it’s a fun and exciting way to learn, which means that your students will be motivated and engaged throughout the entire tournament. Encourage students to play the app in their own time in order to improve for next time. It’s free, there’s no ads and no in-app communication.

You can access the Number Hive App for any device, or a link to play online below:

Number Hive App Store
Number Hive play online link

And if you take any photos of the tournament and have appropriate permission (or blur faces), we’d love to see them! You can share them on social media or even send them to us. We’d also appreciate your feedback on what worked (or didn’t work) in your tournament.

So what are you waiting for?

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Not enough computers to get everyone online? Try the Number Hive Printable version.

Due to popular demand, we’ve created sets of printable hives to download, print and play in class. Perfect for the BTC classroom or collaborative learning.

We’ve compiled 10 multiplication, and 10 addition game boards along with some of our favourite mathematics resources classrooms love to use. Get access to these resources for free and start your students journey to building mathematics mastery.

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