Mathematics mastery at your fingertips

Number Hive is the ultimate mathematics game for transforming learning into an engaging and empowering experience, both inside and outside the classroom.

We’re all familiar with the problem…


Mathematics is seen as BORING, PAINFUL, IRRELEVANT and ARBITRARY. The hard work to reach mastery pushes most students away

Say goodbye to the perceived boredom, pain, irrelevance, and arbitrariness students associate with traditional mathematics. Number Hive offers a refreshing approach that captivates students and ignites their passion for learning.


Many people don’t have a DEEP UNDERSTANDING of Mathematics. Students, parents, and even teachers have an over reliance on rules and algorithms

With Number Hive, students gain a profound comprehension of mathematics concepts. No more relying solely on rules and algorithms! Our game fosters a deep understanding of number facts, equipping students with the knowledge needed to excel.


People both young and old develop a FIXED MINDSET of their mathematics ability. The idea that “I’m don’t have the brain for mathematics” is all to common

Don’t let a fixed mindset hold students back! Number Hive empowers users to embrace their mathematical abilities. Say goodbye to the limiting belief that math is not for you, and unleash true potential.

Engaging kids the right way

Unlike other educational apps that prioritize quick rewards and superficial progress, Number Hive takes a different approach. We believe in true engagement and understanding through play. Students develop strategies, face productive challenges, and earn rewards that reflect their progress and mastery.

Unlock actual understanding

At Number Hive, we prioritize deep understanding of mathematical concepts. This approach leads to greater retention, enhanced relevance, and the ability to apply knowledge to new and unfamiliar situations. Experience the joy of true understanding and watch as your mathematical skills flourish.

Build your hive at home or in the classroom

Number Hive fosters purpose and community. Create hives for families, classes, or even entire schools to support localized learning and challenges. Parents, friends, and teachers can join in and achieve the same level of mastery as the student. Screen time becomes an opportunity for shared learning and connection.

And it’s not just for kids

Number Hive isn’t limited to children alone. Adults can also achieve mastery and overcome mathematics anxiety. Boost your confidence and adopt a growth mindset as you experience success and enjoy the learning process. Play alone, with your family, your class, your school, or with players worldwide.

Standards and alignment

Number Hive aligns with foundational concepts found in global mathematics curricula. From number relationships to operations and multiplication facts, our game addresses essential skills required at various educational levels. We have plans to expand Number Hive’s curriculum coverage, catering to basic addition all the way up to advanced algebraic skills.

Experience Mathematics Mastery with Number Hive

Embrace a new era of mathematics education in your classroom. Play Number Hive and discover the joy of learning, the power of community, and the limitless possibilities that come with true mathematics mastery. Join the Number hive mission today and unlock the path to a brighter mathematical future for all students!

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