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Whether you are looking to help your child with their mathematics homework, or want a powerful classroom tool to drive student engagement and deep understanding of number facts, Number HIve is the maths game for you.

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We’re all familiar with the problem…


Mathematics is seen as BORING, PAINFUL, IRRELEVANT and ARBITRARY. The hard work to reach mastery pushes most students away


Many people don’t have a DEEP UNDERSTANDING of Mathematics. Students, parents, and even teachers have an over reliance on rules and algorithms


People both young and old develop a FIXED MINDSET of their mathematics ability. The idea that “I’m don’t have the brain for mathematics” is all to common

Engaging kids the right way

Most education apps for kids incentivise in all the wrong ways. They simply encourage kids to skip through the learning as fast as they can to get to the gamified bits that give them the dopamine hits they need to keep playing.

Number Hive is different. It creates true engagement and understanding through play. Students need to develop strategies to win, and they’re rewarded as they play because Number Hive offers the right level of productive challenge.

Actual understanding

This approach leads to a deep understanding of the concepts and more importantly, the relationships between number operations. Educationally, deep understanding is crucial because it leads to greater retention, more relevance and the ability to apply knowledge to new and unfamiliar settings.

Building your hive at home or in the classroom

One of the greatest drivers of engagement for students is purpose. Number Hive creates purpose through the deliberate fostering of community. Hives can be set up for families, classes or schools to support localised learning and challenge, and to allow parents, friends and even teachers to play along and achieve the same level of mastery as the student.

The whole community is involved in the learning journey in a fun and engaging way. Screen time is now something that brings people together.

And it’s not just for kids

Mastery can be achieved by adults who want to feel less anxious about mathematics. Number Hive helps all players and observers to develop confidence and a growth mindset through experiencing success and enjoying the learning. They can play alone, with their family, with their class, the school, or with other players around the world.

Standards and alignment

There are some foundational concepts that are common to all global curricula for Mathematics. Number Hive is built focusing on many of these common foundations; at its heart, number relationships, number operations and multiplication facts.

These foundational areas are not only mandatory for teachers to address in upper primary levels, but they are assumed in lower secondary (middle) and beyond. We have plans for Number Hive to slide lower down the curriculum to basic addition and then all the way up to higher level algebraic skills.

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