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Multiplication Facts For The Younger Years

Have student practice problem solving using simple visual aids such as a multiplication chart Get your kids buzzing about multiplication with Number Hive! Number Hive is more than just a game. It’s an effective tool to help younger students learn the foundations of multiplication (and division). Once they’ve mastered the basics, it becomes an engaging way to build fluency and understanding. Want to give it a try? Here are some lesson plans that will make learning multiplication fun and meaningful. Aligned with local standards (scroll down for more regions), these lesson...

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Ready Made Teacher Lesson Guides

Number Hive can be played on desktop, phone or tablet. Our ready made multiplication lesson guides are designed to support multiplication learning in the classroom, and fluency building at home Not sure how to get the best out of Number Hive in your class? No problem, we’ve created these easy to use multiplication lesson guides to support confident learning in the classroom and at home. Our guides come complete with learning sequences, activities and even the relevant curriculum links! You can use our learning sequences or, create and share your own. Click on the links below...

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