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Number Hive: the perfect Singapore Math companion

In the dynamic landscape of mathematical education, the Singapore Math model stands tall, recognized for its innovative approach to transforming students into mathematical thinkers. At the heart of this transformative journey lies the abstract phase, where students venture into the realm of symbolic understanding, a juncture demanding strategic tools that inspire engagement and foster deep comprehension. Number Hive, the innovative new tool designed by teachers, aligns seamlessly with the Singapore Math model, particularly in its strategic application for the abstract phase of mathematical...

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Let’s Play: Revolutionizing math(s) learning through play

Playful learning revolutionizes math(s) education: Read about the benefits of incorporating play in developing problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity We’ve all been there – staring at a page full of numbers, feeling like our brains are about to explode. But what if we told you that there’s a way to learn math(s) that’s actually fun? A way that involves play and exploration, rather than rote memorisation and timed tests. ‘Staring at a page full of numbers, feeling like our brains are about to explode First, let’s talk about why play is...

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Fostering critical thinking with Number Hive

Which subject in school do you associate most with thinking? The first that comes to mind to most mathematics teachers of course is math(s). You might be surprised to learn that for most math(s) classrooms this is not the case. When your child says they didn’t do anything in math(s) today, the research shows they’re probably right. When it comes to subjects that promote critical thinking, mathematics stands out. However, research shows that most math classrooms struggle to prioritize this essential skill. Recent studies reveal that students often engage in “non-thinking behaviors”...

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