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Multiplication for younger years students

Teaching multiplication younger yours children is an essential step in building a strong foundation in mathematics. By mastering these facts, students gain the necessary skills to solve more complex mathematical problems with ease. In this blog, we will explore practical tips and strategies to help teachers effectively teach multiplication facts to their young learners. We will also introduce an engaging game called Number Hive, which can be used as a valuable resource to reinforce multiplication skills. Whether you’re looking for interactive digital tools or printable resources,...

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Ready Made Teacher Lesson Guides

Number Hive can be played on desktop, phone or tablet. Our ready made multiplication lesson guides are designed to support multiplication learning in the classroom, and fluency building at home Not sure how to get the best out of Number Hive in your class? No problem, we’ve created these easy to use multiplication lesson guides to support confident learning in the classroom and at home. Our guides come complete with learning sequences, activities and even the relevant curriculum links! You can use our learning sequences or, create and share your own. Click on the links below...

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