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Spark curiosity, not fear. Reducing Mathematics Anxiety.

Reducing the Impacts of Math(s) Anxiety! Mathematics anxiety is pervasive, affecting countless schoolchildren worldwide. It’s more than just a fear of numbers; it’s a debilitating cycle that stifles learning and potential. But fear not, for where there’s understanding, there’s hope. Let’s delve into the depths of mathematics anxiety, explore its origins, and unveil strategies to ignite curiosity and diminish fear. Understanding Math(s) Anxiety: Mathematics anxiety manifests in subtle ways, from self-deprecating remarks like “I’m not a math...

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8 Easy Math(s) Homework Activities

Teachers will tell you that parents ask them all the time for easy math(s) homework activities they can do with their children. Most parents are naturally hesitant when it comes to involving themselves in their child’s mathematics learning, “We were taught differently!” or “I don’t even know what they’re supposed to be doing” seem to be the most common refrains. So, we thought we’d put together our short list of 8 easy math(s) homework activities for parents. Use them yourself, or share them with the parents of your class.  Even the simplest math(s) games can support student...

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Math(s) Anxiety: A Guide For Teachers & Parents

Are you ready and excited to unlock the full mathematical potential of your young ones? But they seem to dread math(s) class and struggle to engage with the subject? They may be experiencing mathematics anxiety, a real condition that can hold them back from achieving their best. But don’t let this be a barrier to their success. In this article, we dive into the world of math(s) anxiety, understand its impact and most importantly, give you practical tips and strategies to help your students overcome it. Together, we can make math(s) an enjoyable subject to learn. Let’s empower...

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Video: Math(s) Anxiety, A Deep Dive

Introduction to Mathematics Anxiety What is Math(s) anxiety? Chris Hogbin delves deep into Mathematics anxiety, it’s causes, and how you can help your students overcome it to become confident and capable Math(s) learners. Read along, or watch our video series to find out more. So, what exactly is Math(s) Anxiety? Well, if you Google it, you’re going to get a varied response. We’re going to stick to this broad working definition of math(s) anxiety: ‘An irrational fear, negative attitude or emotional response towards mathematics’. And there’s...

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