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Spark curiosity, not fear. Reducing Mathematics Anxiety.

Reducing the Impacts of Math(s) Anxiety! Mathematics anxiety is pervasive, affecting countless schoolchildren worldwide. It’s more than just a fear of numbers; it’s a debilitating cycle that stifles learning and potential. But fear not, for where there’s understanding, there’s hope. Let’s delve into the depths of mathematics anxiety, explore its origins, and unveil strategies to ignite curiosity and diminish fear. Understanding Math(s) Anxiety: Mathematics anxiety manifests in subtle ways, from self-deprecating remarks like “I’m not a math...

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The power of game theory: Unleashing strategic thinking in the classroom

In the dynamic world we live in, strategic thinking has become a crucial skill for success. Understanding how to make optimal decisions, assess risks, and anticipate the actions of others is essential in various domains of life. One fascinating field that explores these concepts is game theory. In this article, we will delve into the importance of game theory and how Number Hive, as an innovative educational tool, can empower kids to develop their strategic thinking abilities while having fun. The Power of Game Theory Game theory is a branch of mathematics that studies how individuals...

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Host your own Number Hive tournament in 4 easy steps

Create an Exciting Math Community: Host Thrilling Number Hive Tournaments for Engaged Young Mathematicians Looking to enhance your students’ arithmetic skills and foster a love for math in your school? Look no further than Number Hive, a dynamic math tool designed by an experienced math teacher. Through years of use, it has successfully developed students’ mathematical fluency and deepened their understanding of numbers, leading to remarkable results. As the popularity of Number Hive grows worldwide, so does the trend of organizing Number Hive class and school tournaments....

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Number Hive’s printable version: Unlock blended learning in your class

Are you looking for an exciting and engaging classroom activity that combines strategic thinking with multiplication skills? Look no further than Number Hive’s downloadable print version! In response to popular demand, we’ve created a set of 10 random hives that you can easily print and play in class. Whether you’re in a BTC (Build thinking) classroom or fostering collaborative learning, our printable game board is perfect for energizing your lessons. Let’s explore how to use the print version and discover how it can be seamlessly integrated into blended learning...

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