Student engagement in numeracy and number sense

Number Hive’s unique pedagogical approach builds, returns and reinforces numeracy and number sense foundations at the students pace, in a low stakes way, while the kids are having fun and driving their own learning.

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Teachers love Number Hive in the classroom as it teaches students times tables in a fun meaningul way.
Students learning their times tables by playing Number Hive

Perfect for Schools

All teachers know that the best learning happens when the need is created for students to learn the desired content. Students drive their own learning and the whole process is a joy.

Number Hive supports numeracy and numbers sense at the students pace, in a low stakes way, while the kids drive their own Math(s) learning

Number Hive is designed to encourage deep levels of intrinsic motivation. The act of winning cells and blocking opponents requires the student to complete countless questions and think deeply about them, all in the context of a strategy game they don’t want to put down.

Teach times tables with Number Hive

5 game changing ways to use Number Hive in your class:

  • Class warm up

    Number Hive is the ideal way to build class motivation and focus on the key concepts you will be teaching at the start of the class – share the join code on the whiteboard and have a class tournament
  • Ideal for early finishers.

    There has never been a more exciting, enriching and engaging activity that students can move onto once finished. Students will work harder in order to move onto a game that only enrichens their learning. Win-win.
  • Effective homework

    There’s no better way to engage students to reinforce class learning than practising Number Hive. Involve parents to help ‘play’ their way to a deeper understanding of the concepts you’ve taught, or maybe those they have learnt previously but failed to retain.
  • Fill knowledge gaps

    Number Hive personlaises the learning for every student and meets them where they’re at. They can play low stakes practise rounds or against the best human players in the world. It builds the foundations that is expected (but rarely mastered) for students to progress in their learning journey. Number Hive fosters a deep understanding of these key concepts in such a way that students are driving their own learning and desiring to fill knowledge gaps as it increases their game strategy in a deeply engaging environment.
  • Engage your class or school community

    Build a class hive to get the whole class buzzing around a central focus, or create a school hive to generate a school wide competition that builds the profile and joy of maths across the whole school. Have a daily scoreboard on the notice board, have class champions play-off live on the big screen… the potential is endless.

Students drive their own learning


The world over, Mathematics is structured as sequential learning. Students need strong foundations in the basic operations in order to be able develop concepts further. It falls down if they fail to gain mastery of a concept, leaving them with foundations that are shaky at best.


This lack of understanding undermines confidence and can even lead to an anxiety that impacts their learning, limiting their growth and success.


The most foundational of all concepts is around numeracy and number sense. Number Hive builds, returns and reinforces learning at the students pace, helping them evolve deep understanding, and most importantly, the kids are having fun and driving their own learning.


Number Hive is designed by a veteran Mathematics teacher who saw this problem in the classroom time and again.

Some more reasons to use
Number Hive in your class:

Safe for all students

All students can play and enjoy Number Hive, by playing against other anonymous players of the same standard, or practising against the Ai. Number HIve encourages confident risk taking with low stakes, to create a positive environment and equity for all players

Personalised learning

Students have multiple entry points. The most inexperienced and anxious students can practice, with scaffolding in place to help them develop their fluency and confidence. They progress through the levels and then can have a game on the global stage. They will be put against someone of a similar level. As they improve, they will play people at that improved level. This is real-time differentiation meaning it’s a personalised learning journey for every player!

Fluency is the antidote to cognitive overload

Number Hive reduces the risk of cognitive overload in the classroom, by giving a save revision and reinforcement environment for students to create understanding and muscle memory around key concepts

A note about standards and alignment

There are some foundational concepts that are common to all global curricula for Mathematics. Number Hive is built focusing on many of these common foundations; at its heart, number relationships, number operations and multiplication facts.

These foundational areas are not only mandatory for teachers to address in upper primary levels, but they are assumed in lower secondary (middle) and beyond. We have plans for Number Hive to slide lower down the curriculum to basic addition and then all the way up to higher level algebraic skills.

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