How to get set up

Setting up your Group or Class Hive

How to Play

Starting a Game

Play Online

This option will automatically match you to another player live online somewhere in the world.

Host a Game

To play a new game with a friend, class mate or family member simply add your name and click ‘Next’. Click the share button to invite a friend through SMS, email, or your regular social channels.

Join a Game

Open the link shared with you. Add your name and the shared joined code. Click ‘Join game now’ and you’ll go straight through to the game screen.


Open the link shared with you. Add your name and the shared joined code. Click ‘Join game now’ and you’ll go straight through to the game screen.
How to Win


The aim of the game is to win 4 honeycombs in a straight line, we call this a streak.

The streak can be either horizontal or vertical, but it must be in a straight line.

Number Hive game board

Claim Cells

To claim a cell you need to times the two factors at the bottom of the page (coloured red in the image above) Remember, you can only change one factor (on the right, or the left number pad) at a time.

Choose carefully, you can’t change your mind after you have clicked.


You need to keep an eye on your opponent, you will need to defend against them creating a streak, so don’t leave them any factors that will help them.

Help Videos

Watch these short videos for tips
How to Play


How to

Start Strong

How to


How to

Claim Cells

FAQ’s about Number Hive

Where do I find Number Hive?
You can find Number Hive on the App Store, the Google Play store, or you can play our desktop version on either a Mac or PC. Click the links on this site to go straight to get the game.
How do I start a game with a friend?
Playing a game of Number Hive with your friends and family is easy. You simply create a ‘game code’ and share it with your friends via sms, email or social channels or by simply telling them. Then wait for them to arrive in the game. Check out our videos further up the page on ‘how to play’.
How do I join a game with a friend?
Click the link shared with you, download NUmber Hive (if you haven’t already), add your name and you’re in. Check out our videos further up the page on ‘how to play’.
Is Number Hive suitable for my child’s / student’s age group?

The short answer is yes. Number Hive is appropriate for all age levels from 5 years to adult. Check out our ‘For home’  and ‘For School’ pages for more information.

How do I know if Number Hive is working?
Ultimately the purpose of Number Hives is to build and improve student fluency and confidence. You will see an increased level of interest and understanding of the number concepts organically. Number Hive is designed to build muscle memory and fluency in Number operations, and that fluency leads over time to mastery. Confidence flows quickly from there.
Isn’t all screen time bad for kids?
Not all screen time is equal. The gamification in Number Hive is designed to support student learning as they play (unlike some games that encourage kids to skip through learning to get to the ‘fun bits’). The strategic nature of the game makes it deeply engaging, but you can’t win often without the number sense and fluency it builds.
Will Number Hive teach my students mathematics?
Number Hive is designed to build fluency and reinforce concepts taught in the classroom or through homeschooling. It is the perfect practice tool, ideal for homework, as a warm up tool before class, or for early finishers. It’s also great for creating mini tournaments to get a bit of competition going in a safe environment.
Who owns Number Hive?

Number Hive is an independently owned company, started by Mathematics teacher Chris Hogbin and some tech nerdy friends.

How do you ensure a safe space online for students?
As educators we take safety online very seriously. There is no in-app messaging in Number Hive, and we do not permit advertising on our platform.
Do I have to play Number Hive with my children?
We have multiple playing options in Number Hive, your child can practice against our Ai, safely play against other students around the world through our ‘play online’ option, or play against you and your family. This is a great way to be involved in your child’s learning. And, we find that a lot of NUmber Hive parents find their own mathematics improves very quickly, so it’s a win win.
What do I do if I have tech issues?
If you spot any issues with Number Hive, click the button below and leave a message, we’ll get right back to you.
I love Number Hive, how do I give a 5 star review?

OK, this one is a bit self serving… But we’d love you to help us spread the work. You can give us a review on the App Store or Google Play simply by visiting our page and completing the review fields. It really helps us get found by other people just like you.

Will Number Hive be growing further? If so, what will you be doing?
We have huge plans for Number Hive. Without giving too much away, we plan on including more variations of multiplication and also extending to addition. We’re planning on building in some social elements to the game and more help for teachers especially around assessment. But we won’t say much more for now.

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