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Number Hive is the fun way to defeat mathematics anxiety, build strong understanding of numeracy and number operations. It’s great for parents looking to support learning from the home

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You know that feeling when you deeply focus on an activity, and your brain is working over time, and you feel like you really achieved something? We call that ‘productive challenge’.

Number Hive is designed to drive productive challenge in students (and yes, parents also). The game itself is simple, but the mental gymnastics it encourages, to create a winning strategy, to deepen understanding of mathematics operations to win cells, and to block your opponent from doing the same, is unique.

A lot of education products encourage kids to simply get through the learning as quickly as possible so they can access the fun games. Number Hive is different, the fun is in the challenge of the game itself.

Help kids learn their times tables with Number Hive

Why it works

Targets foundations.

The world over, Mathematics is structured as sequential learning. Students need strong foundations in the basic operations in order to be able develop concepts further. It falls down if they fail to gain mastery of a concept, leaving them with foundations that are shaky at best.

Develops confidence

This lack of understanding undermines confidence and can even lead to an anxiety that impacts their learning, limiting their growth and success.

Encourages autonomy

The most foundational of all concepts is around numeracy and number sense. Number Hive builds, returns and reinforces learning at the students pace, helping them evolve deep understanding, and most importantly, the kids are having fun and driving their own learning.

It’s build from experience

Number Hive is designed by a veteran Mathematics teacher who saw this problem in the classroom time and again.

Kids gain confidence in maths and learn their times tables with Number Hive

How Humber Hive helps

  • Revision tool

    Number Hive is the ideal revision tool, helping the student to reinforce concepts taught in the classroom, developing greater understanding in a low stress, safe environment

  • Deepens understanding and fills knowledge gaps

    We all learned times tables the same way. By rote, repeating over and over until the ‘facts’ stuck in our heads. Memorisation isn’t the same as understanding. Number Hive develops understanding of the operations behind times tables
  • Builds confident Mathematics learners

    Number Hive is what educators call ‘Low stakes’, which means its a low stress approach to building and reinforcing knowledge of the key number foundations

  • Personalised learning

    Inexperienced or anxious students can practice against the NH Ai, with scaffolding in place to help them develop their fluency and confidence. They progress through the levels and then can have a game on the global stage (Global Hive) against someone around the world who is at a similar skill level to themselves. Number Hive pairs them against someone of a similar level. As they improve, they will play people at that improved level. This is real-time differentiation meaning it’s a personalized learning journey for every player!

  • Reinforce class learning

    There’s no better way to engage students to reinforce class learning than practising Number Hive. As parents you can help them to ‘play’ their way to a deeper understanding of the concepts they’ve been taught in school.

Number Hive is the fun times table game the whole family can play

Family games time

The single biggest piece of feedback we get from parents is just how fun Number Hive is for the whole family. It’s addictively fun.

Few education products allow parents to share in and see the child’s learning in real time. You can involve the whole family ‘hive’ in the learning journey, parents can easily see kids progress and improve their own mathematics skills at the same time.

It’s the game you can play anywhere, battle out among yourself for bragging rights

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