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Welcome to Number Hive – the ultimate multiplication tool for teachers looking to promote mathematics understanding, number sense, problem solving, and critical thinking. 

Number Hive is creating a revolution in the way students learn and engage with mathematics.

It’s engaging and addictively fun: Number Hive is an addictively fun and deeply engaging experience that students actually ask to play. By integrating game-based learning, we make multiplication and number sense an exciting adventure for students.
It builds fluency and confidence: Our game-based approach helps build fluency and confidence in mathematical concepts through productive challenges and problem solving. Students will tackle complex number operations and gain mastery while developing their critical reasoning skills.
It encourages a growth mindset: At Number Hive, we believe that every student can thrive in mathematics with the right mindset. Our game provides a safe and fun environment for all students, encouraging low-stakes risk-taking to foster an “I can do this!” attitude. We help students break through barriers and realize their true potential.
It’s perfect for revision and reinforcement: Number Hive serves as the perfect tool for revision and reinforcement of mathematical concepts. It helps students build understanding and muscle memory, making it a desirable game to take home and continue learning outside the classroom.

Educators who love Number Hive

Educators from all over the world have embraced Number Hive, as their no.1 multiplication game for mathematics understanding. Some of the best known thought leaders around the world have praised it as a great option for multiplication practice and fluency. Teachers, parents and students themselves have become avid fans, recognizing it’s impact on critical thinking and fun learning.

The multiplication game for everyone

  • “I’m just no good at Mathematics”

    Heard that before? Well, it’s just not true… Confidence is the only barrier to mathematics learning. Every student can thrive if they understand the concepts and how to apply them. Number Hive builds true engagement, challenging students to learn complex number operations and gain mastery and confidence while driving their own learning.
  • “My students think mathematics is boring”

    Every teacher knows that engaging students in maths learning is not the same as trying to make it fun. True engagement happens when students are challenged productively. The gamification used in Number Hive is proven to help, as a teaching tool or as a class warm up strategy, to deliver deep understanding and confidence in operations.
  • “I wasn’t good at Mathematics either, so I don’t know how to help”

    Parents are often at a loss to support their children in Mathematics learning. Number Hive can be played solo, or uniquely in a ‘Hive’, playing against other family members in a closed group. This helps parents to confidently be involved in student learning like never before. Yes, you can learn mathematics at the same time!
  • “It’s hard to determine what a student already knows in order for me to meet the student exactly where they’re at.”

    Number Hive is a game where students can enter at whatever level they’re at and the game will meet them there. It personalised the learning experience through different levels of difficulty targeted exactly at where the student currently is. It focuses on reinforcing the foundational skills that students need to progress in mathematics.
  • “I struggle to get students to truly understand and retain the concepts”

    Homeschoolers often struggle to reinforce their teaching. Number Hive is the perfect practice and fluency tool, it fosters that deeper understanding, and is perfect before a lesson, after, or set as ‘fun’ homework revision. It doesn’t feel like homework because it’s so engaging. It gives immediate feedback and also encourages the family all being involved together.
Number Hive is the fun math game to build number sense and confident learners

How Number Hive builds mathematics understanding

The world over, Mathematics is structured as sequential learning. Students struggle if they fail to gain mastery of a concept. Number Hive supports the building of strong foundations in the basic operations – crucial if you are to develop concepts further.

More than a simple game, Number Hive develops student understanding and confidence, and as they create and deploy strategies to win, they simultaneously build their critical reasoning and problem solving skills.

The most foundational of all concepts is around numeracy and number sense. Number Hive builds, returns and reinforces learning at the students pace, helping them evolve deep understanding, and most importantly, while they’re having fun and driving their own learning.

Meet Chris

Number Hive is designed by Chris, a veteran Mathematics teacher who saw this problem in the classroom time and again.

“Each year I would meet the new cohort of year 7’s. They arrived from different schools. However, they all brought in the same Mathematical baggage. And it always fitted in one of these buckets:

  • I’m not a maths person
  • Maths is boring or irrelevant
  • Maths is about rules.
  • I can do it, but I don’t understand the concept.

My first goal was to help change these deeply ingrained attitudes that I could see hindering future progress and enjoyment of maths.

One of the tools I used to address this huge pain point was an analogue game. It helped develop a growth mindset, was a game that students loved playing and most importantly, fostered a deep understanding of key foundations necessary for students to succeed.

The game helped my students overcome all these obstacles and led to a love of mathematics and opened the doors to a bright future in STEM.

I dreamt of some day turning the game into something scalable in order to help these pain points which I have since learned are prevalent in every maths class across the globe.

Some time in Edutech, research and teacher training gave me the skills, tools and connections in order to take the plunge.

Introducing Number Hive; the multiplication strategy game that builds mathematics understanding, mastery and confidence through deep engagement

Click the video below to hear Chris talk about Number Hive

Want to play offline? Download the Number Hive printable game board!

Number Hive - Printable Maths strategy game for home or the classroom

Number Hive can be played anywhere! If you’re not ready to try it online, download the printable version along with more multiplication resources for free. Great for teachers and parent. Get access to:

  • 10 multiplication Number Hive games hexagons
  • 10 addition Number Hive game hexagons
  • Number Hive tournament poster
  • Multiplication chart
  • Grid 1-149
  • Grid 1-100

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