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Demystifying Explicit Instruction: A Valuable Tool in Education

There is a debate raging amongst educators that goes something like this. Explicit instruction or Inquiry based learning? This is an argument harming education in general for many reasons. The first being that we’ve set up a false dichotomy. There is a misconception in what explicit instruction actually means and needs clearing up! In the realm of education, strategies and methodologies are like a vast landscape, offering diverse approaches to help students learn. However, within this landscape, misconceptions often lurk, waiting to be debunked. One such misconception is the conflation...

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Fostering critical thinking with Number Hive

Which subject in school do you associate most with thinking? The first that comes to mind to most mathematics teachers of course is math(s). You might be surprised to learn that for most math(s) classrooms this is not the case. When your child says they didn’t do anything in math(s) today, the research shows they’re probably right. When it comes to subjects that promote critical thinking, mathematics stands out. However, research shows that most math classrooms struggle to prioritize this essential skill. Recent studies reveal that students often engage in “non-thinking behaviors”...

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