6 Ways To Use Number Hive In Your Classroom

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January 12, 2023

Number Hive’s pedagogically unique concept builds multiplication facts & number sense foundations as part of the game’s strategy. This means it’s at the students pace, in a low stakes way, while the kids are having fun and driving their own learning. Here’s 6 ways you can use Number Hive in your classroom to make your students buzz!

When learning multiplication facts for the first time

There are a few crucial elements necessary for a student to master multiplication.

When introducing multiplication to students, it is important to focus on conceptual understanding, building a strong foundation in basic mathematics facts, use of concrete materials, repetition and practice, visual aids, and engagement through games and hands-on activities. The process of learning multiplication takes time and practice is crucial for building fluency.

Number Hive enhances the understanding, engagement and retention of multiplication facts leading to a higher level of fluency.

Find our ready made teachers guides here or lesson plans for younger students here.

To fill knowledge gaps & build fluency

Too many students are hindered from progressing in their mathematical journey due to a lack of fluency in key concepts. Perhaps the greatest of these is multiplication facts. A high level of fluency is necessary to succeed in fractions, ratios, factorization and algebra just to name a few. A lack of understanding leads to increased cognitive load, lower confidence and higher levels of mathematics anxiety.

Number Hive is a perfect option for students who never mastered multiplication. They can develop fluency in their own time, at their own pace, with immediate feedback and in an engaging way.

We have ready-made ‘building fluency homework guides’ aligned to standards here.

For class warm-up

A good warm-up activity in an elementary mathematics classroom should be engaging, interactive, and relevant. It should also be quick and easy to complete, allowing students to get into the main lesson quickly.

A quick round of Number Hive gets students’ minds engaged, their mathematical thinking switched on and their enthusiasm for learning aroused. Students can use the practice mode against a difficulty of their choosing, they might play against a classmate, or even take a plunge in the global hive of ‘play online’. Especially helpful for when the teacher is tending to the admin side of things.

As a task for early finishers

Tasks for early finishers should be challenging, but not overwhelming where they need urgent support. They should allow students to practise and reinforce their learning in different ways.

It’s important that the task given should be self-directed, it should be in their zone of proximal development (ZPD) and it should be meaningful and challenging, with a clear purpose.

Number Hive ticks all these boxes and students love it.

For effective (& fun) homework

Homework activities can be an effective way to reinforce learning and help students practise what they’ve learned in class. 

Effective homework activities should be aligned with the curriculum, self-directed, varied, with clear instructions, provide feedback, timely, and meaningful. They should also be appropriate to the student’s ability and level and not too heavy.

Number Hive is the homework tool that students will actually want to do. It’s also an amazing way to get the family involved in a student’s learning journey.

To launch a class (or school) tournament

What better way to build the profile of mathematics in your class (or school), have fun, celebrate mathematics and deepen understanding of core concepts at the same time.

You could even hold a class tournament and have the class champions play for the title of ‘School Champion’.

Use our tournament guide and poster here or create your own!

And there you have it! Six powerful ways to elevate your students’ mathematical learning by incorporating Number Hive into your classroom. 

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