Number Hive: Ultimate math(s) homework tool

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June 9, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, finding innovative ways to engage students and reinforce their classroom learning experience is paramount. We’re excited to say that our little number operations fluency tool is making waves in schools worldwide, doing just that.

Not just a classroom tool, Number Hive is also transforming homework practice, supporting problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and actively involving parents in their child’s mathematical journey. Read on to explore how teachers can harness the power of Number Hive to revolutionize homework practice, create a dynamic learning environment, and promote family engagement in their students learning.

Number Hive: The Game Taking Schools by Storm:

Number Hive has rapidly gained popularity among educators and students alike for its unique ability to make multiplication practice enjoyable and effective. Developed by a math(s) teacher with 10 years of classroom experience, and loved by some of the best minds in mathematics thought leadership in the world (such as Sunil Singh and Pam Harris), Number Hive is designed to engage students, build their confidence, and foster mastery in number operations. Its user-friendly interface and interactive gameplay make it an ideal tool for teachers seeking to enhance their students’ mathematical skills AND reinforce learning at home.

Number Hive the ultimate homework practice tool

The ultimate homework practice tool:

Homework assignments serve as a vital bridge between classroom learning and independent practice. By incorporating Number Hive into homework routines, teachers can create a seamless learning experience that extends beyond the classroom walls. The game provides students with an engaging platform to reinforce multiplication skills and develop a deep understanding of number operations. With its adaptable difficulty levels, teachers can tailor assignments to match each student’s proficiency, ensuring optimal learning outcomes.

Engaging Parents in their Child’s Learning Journey:

One of the unique strengths of Number Hive lies in its potential to foster family engagement in math education. By actively involving parents in their child’s learning process, teachers can create a supportive and collaborative environment that fuels academic growth. Encourage parents to join their children in playing Number Hive, promoting bonding moments while reinforcing multiplication skills. By sharing the game’s benefits and progress updates through Google Classroom, class newsletters, or email communications, teachers can encourage parents to participate and stay informed about their child’s math journey.

Building Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Skills:

Number Hive goes beyond mere multiplication practice; it nurtures essential problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. Through its challenging gameplay and strategic decision-making, students are prompted to analyze, evaluate, and devise effective solutions. The game’s engaging format stimulates students’ curiosity, enabling them to explore patterns, make connections, and develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. By incorporating Number Hive into homework assignments, teachers can instill invaluable problem-solving skills that transcend the classroom.

Math(s) can actually be fun for the Whole Family:

Number Hive isn’t just a tool for students; it’s an opportunity for the whole family to bond and learn together. Encourage parents to join in the fun by playing Number Hive with their children. With its captivating gameplay, colorful graphics, and strategy driven challenge, Number Hive offers a brilliant experience for learners of all ages. As families engage in friendly competitions and explore mathematical concepts, a love for math is cultivated, and a supportive learning community is formed. Suddenly no one in the family is saying ‘I’m not a math(s) person any more.

Our tips for getting started

  1. Build familiarity with Number Hive in the Classroom: Allow students to explore the game and experience its educational value.
  2. Provide clear instructions: Share clear instructions with students and parents on how to access and use Number Hive at home. Include step-by-step guidelines (you’ll find that here) on navigating the game, and selecting appropriate levels. Clear instructions will help students and parents feel confident in using the platform.
  3. Assign regular homework practice: Assign regular Number Hive homework practice to students, encouraging them to play the game and reinforce their learning at home. Set specific goals or challenges – we recommend a simple ‘play one game a day’. Regular practice will help students develop fluency and mastery in number operations.
  4. Communicate with Parents: Actively communicate with parents about the benefits of Number Hive and how easy and beneficial it is to support their child’s learning at home. Include information about Number Hive in newsletters, emails, or parent-teacher meetings. Emphasize the importance of parental involvement and encourage parents to play Number Hive with their children, fostering a collaborative learning environment. AND mention that it will build their confidence when it comes to helping their children as well!
  5. Post a challenge each week: ‘Best of five week’ or ‘Play a grandparent week’, find fun challenges to get them to think actively about who they can play, and how they can play more frequently.
  6. Invite a friend: Encourage them to challenge their class friends, and wider family and friend circle with a simple ‘join a game’ invite. Encourage them to journal their wins, and share them with the class.

Number Hive has emerged as a game-changer in math(s) education. By incorporating this innovative multiplication game into homework assignments, teachers can revolutionize the learning experience. They can reinforce number operations, and foster problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Furthermore, actively involving parents through platforms like Google Classroom, class newsletters, or email communications enhances family engagement and strengthens the support system for students.

As Number Hive continues to spread across the world, its impact on student engagement, confidence, and mastery in mathematics is undeniable. So why not embrace the power of Number Hive and empower your students (and their parents) to excel in their mathematical journey while having a heap of fun along the way.

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